Monday, November 14, 2016

All Day Eddy

Material's mysterious, not mere.
Spirit inheres in it, never leaves it,

Never lives apart from it, but somehow
Arises continually, as if

Whatever is is tasked with producing
Eternally whatever never is.

In Utah, in the Professor Valley,
What's left of the Colorado River

Flows continually, often bearing
Rubber rafts of silly people seeking

Thrills and beauty and something to boast of
Later in an office building somewhere.

The river guides have nicknamed every spot
From wherever they start to Takeout Beach.

One location, slightly less than certain,
But a lot more reliable than rare

Consists of a large, leisurely vortex
Known as All-Day Eddy. If you float in

And don't know how to paddle out,
You could spin in large, slow circles for hours.

Varied materials interacting
Along the way from lower to higher

Entropies generate All-Day Eddy,
The rafts, the rafters, their voices, these words.

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