Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Unpunished Death of Hypatia

"The nurse tells Susan she wants to read more of her books. Susan says she can't breathe."

Deformation is itself evidence.
She has committed some serious sin.
For her extremity we punish her.
Who could ever question our righteousness?

We don't. Not in this instance. In our dreams,
Of course, like Augustine, we must obsess
Over the drenchings that prove we are wet
Beings dragged out of the seas and bereft

Of any understanding that we are
Only water understanding itself
As a shocking violation of truth
Within a local reversal of law.

The law itself adores tepidity.
Because death is neither hot nor cold, she
Must die for being too much of either.
I will spew thee out of my mouth, soul said.

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