Thursday, September 15, 2016

And the Word Was With Us, and the Word Was Us

"There are many great poets, but not all of them alter the ways in which we understand the world we live in; not all of them suggest that words can be held responsible."

Words can be held responsible all right.
Words are the way we yank each other tight,
Breathe heavily, right

Up nose to nose, and tell each other what
We should be doing differently and what
We've done wrong and what

We owe each other, the world, the poet
Of the words compelling us. We know it.
Word says we owe it,

And it's the rare worddict who can resist 
Exploiting delicious chance to insist,
To shake a word fist,

To tell other humans how to behave,
But I blame the words themselves. They can't save 
Us the sin they crave.

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