Tuesday, September 6, 2016


"on the altar; your daughter 
lives; the wind is still;
and your father
is mortal." ~ Schiff

A haplogroup was present and was
Subsequently lost. Know what that means?
Many people left no survivors.

Many of their revenants are so
Ancient that people today are not
Relevant for understanding them.

This is the way. The most successful
Lineage is only what's present
Of the recently past. All the rest 

Were lost. Thus the future reaches back
To remind us we too have no future
Sooner or later. Something else will

Appear to have been right in this past
That we are, and we will have been wrong.
That is, if anything considers

A past at all in those brilliant days.
Considering the past may be why
We were wrong for the future they'll live.

Shakespeare, that consummate technician 
Of human contemplation, artist
God modeling social dynamics,

Left behind two surviving children.
Turn the crank a few generations
And there's nothing left but words, words, words.

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