Saturday, August 15, 2015

Synonymous with Impediment

Is artifice. Forget me not.
                                          Aye, said
The whittled head pin. Skin full of holes,
He folds them. The lying man

                                                 of the Whole
In time instantiated won over
One more for the home sun, Son. There was

A nomentary momenclature that laid
An ephemeral goose, a gelded braid. Grrr,
To hell with escherichia goldeneye, back!

There was a time when the future
Had a title, scarifier, recombinant, honorific.
He was a scholarship toy in a library
Back in the heaventies. Then, an A.

Halt. Tamed, Timur
                                on the verge of God
Dismembered the freight that brought him fear.
Nothing bests tears gone frightfully stale and bored.

All vent resiliently, sold,
                                       wrote Einstein
To his time, alewife, that evening. There sank
A dolor in the hold
                   of the cracking
            world of seeming.

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