Friday, August 21, 2015

"One of the Elderly, Dissembling Professors"

Who, indeed, will be
The last Ukrainian eel

Among us, the last
Stunned Yangtze River dolphin,

The last great hissing
Madagascar cockroach, last

Unicorn, prancing
Beside Pegasus until

The last manticore,
The last wall-painting human

Who has no descendants dies?
Who will sit in the garden

Of the forgotten, among
Lives alien and thriving

Waiting to mourn and to die?
It won't be a life

Among the thriving.
The thriving simply

Thrive. Who will be last
Among the thriving to thrive?

Whatever is not the last
Neurosurgeon to survive.

Gentleness will not surpass
The last reader lecturing,

Hectoring, redundantly,
The wizards' last empty class.

Even the bees abandon
The strategm of a hive.

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