Monday, May 11, 2015

Down by the Stairs of Surprise

"Yet behind these heady
Visions lay dismal facts,"
Such as the gathering
Of gravity's weakness,
En masse, to dire power.
Everyone will fall down.

Merlin, bard, magician.
Can you rise from the depths
To assist the fallen
Children of brittle bones
Who reconnoiter steps?
All flesh falls in the end.

It's the sorting breaks us,
Bit by bit, into bits
Heavier or lighter,
Each of which falls swiftly,
As swiftly as any,
But heaviest, farthest.

We may never ascend
To actual heavens,
Except transcending skies.
The journey incompletes
Itself in the riddle
Of this fragile surmise.

Oh no. Wobble. Don't rhyme.
Don't appeal to the clear
Fires of sudden lapses.
You have leaned on crutches
And elbows of giants.
Now stare down disasters.

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