Saturday, April 4, 2015

Two Expanding Aphorisms

1. Volvelle

This world is a pretty fair coin.
Long runs of heads or tails are rare.
Not that random is wonderful,
Mr. Capra. There's no reason

A universe of exquisite
Goodness doesn't exist except
That we don't know of any such.
Turn the wheel to match fates, stars,

And read the horoscope of gods.
It won't change facts for fugitives
From the long law of averages.
It might. Mighty unfair. It won't.

2. Hypocrisy Is a Virtue, Possess It If You Can

The universe, so far as we know it,
Appears to be cruel and unkind.
Humans are hypocrites and all gods
Are fictions, but we might as well

Make peace with it and try to be kind
Because we do ourselves nor others
Any favors by the reverse. And if
You need to be cruel and unkind

Console yourself. In the long run
You haven't made matters much worse.

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