Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Sleeping Bunny and the Sleeping Dinosaur

"The difference between telling stories and telling truth is multiple sets of evidence." ~ Bennett Greenspan

God, I don't want to write a novel.
I don't want to sell a poem.
I want to watch the sun glow cliff side,
Debating pronouns alone.

You can't triangulate three of us
Without requiring a height
From which poems like galaxies emerge
Out of constellated lies.

There is no narrative without myth,
Obfuscating prejudice,
That atmospheric twinkle-twinkle
That regulates all commerce.

The bunny and the dinosaur both
Had improbably long arms
When toy sellers manufactured them.
The dinosaur's caused alarm,

The bunny's just looked ridiculous.
Their common ancestor sleeps
With the fishes below the light waves
Over our child's dream-decked deeps.

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