Thursday, April 16, 2015

Struggle for Light

"This competitive struggle for light was probably the ultimate driver in the evolution of trees."

Heat is falling all around us.
I prefer the forest at night.
The competition never sleeps,
But the tall competitors must.

Scurrying animals like me
Who are removes, removes away
From the consumption of sunlight,
Carry on our heated carnage,

Bats chasing bugs, owls hunting mice,
Our beating hearts betraying us.
It makes us admire the great trees,
Who rustle shoulder to shoulder,

As if companionable, friends,
Stalwart, quiet comrades, wise,
So close to living off mere light,
They seem to reach above the fray,

When the reaching is the fiercest,
Most primitive part of the war.
Under these stars, they're waiting spears.
Come morning they'll lunge at the sun.

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