Wednesday, November 26, 2014

These Poems from Time, the Impartial Deity

God is that from which can't be
Stolen, that which can't be offended,
Giver, always giving, change,

The unfathomable tunesmith of nothing,
Liberally bestowing grace notes
Of delight and disappointment.

The gutter projecting over the lawn
From a roof that had no gutter drips
Away from the house, digging a new

Trench where we did not want
Erosion. A bird erodes under
The window against the reflection

Of which, full of sky, it died.
Laughter belongs to the nearby
Restaurant where the sodden

Climbers come to wet their beaks.
Waterfalls festoon the peaks
Waterfalls carve away. You see

What this means? No want
Matters as much as too much.
Change partners when we dance.

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