Friday, November 14, 2014

Mind Swakopmund Salon

Everything is getting lost. Everything
Is. Kim Crumbo has disavowed being
Hayduke. Hal Cannon has just queried him
About the corridors, the rewilding
Of the cowboys' lonely minds. I've a mind
Full of the fogs I saw fill Swakopmund
When our silly tourist propeller plane
Needed to find a place to land after
Buzzing the diamond mines, the Skeleton
Coast, the red ochre rock art in the dunes.
Rhyme something, goddammit, rhyme anything.
Niles has admitted to being a boy
Genius in love with geodesic domes.
When you are dead, who will introduce you?
Who can open one's mouth, once forgotten?
The black dog named Blue waps tail: Moddey Doo.

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