Friday, November 28, 2014


Embrace the probable your world
Keeps telling you, that you will not
Live as long as, right now, you would

Like to, that you will suffer more
Than you have as yet before you die.
Find peace with this, not for yourself,

Since for yourself it doesn't matter:
Your self will likely suffer anyway;
Enlightenment isn't yours to take.

Embrace the probable for those
Who will remain, those like you,
But who will contemplate you,

If they contemplate you at all,
As you never will be able to, one
Life, whole, a biography outleant.

Remember how, when you were
Young, you would admire a life
Of creation and accomplishment,

Only to find yourself feeling badly
When you read about that life's end
In cruelty, abandonment, poverty?

Make peace with these rules again
So that those who encounter you
After you've left may feel better than

You yourself felt then. Set them free
From feeling badly for themselves.
Let them know you knew. They can, too.

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