Sunday, April 21, 2013

One Whatever

I know a game
I didn't invent
Called "One
Left to Live."

It's like the desert
Island discs of time.
One year, one month,
One week, one day.
(No one plays

One second, except
Hangmen and gunmen,
So I've read.)
You get to say
What you would do

If some impossible
Entity allotted you
An exact amount of time
To worry about what
To do with that time.

Personally, I might
Stop playing such games.
More likely, I'd quit with
The fancy prosody or any
Poems. I used to have

One comic strip
Left on my fridge
That showed two cops
Arriving at a door
Answered by a weird,

Disheveled woman
Who tells them,
In her word balloon,
"I'm sorry about all the screaming,
Officers! I just believe in living

Each day
As if
It were

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