Saturday, May 5, 2012

No Time in the World

How did we get here
With this exact past
Unspooling smoothly
As action, but never,

Never, never connected
Continuously as awareness
Or as memory, herky
Jerky here we

Are and there we
Are, or were, where
That was that, was
Not this now not this.

I'm confused, and knowing
A few dozen explanations,
Metaphysical, neurological,
Psychological, mystical,

And risible for why this
Is so hasn't helped.
The phenomenon
Of awareness resists

Itself like a poem
Resisting the mind,
Albeit more successfully,
Like a boot resisting

The tug from above on the straps.
There. Ugh. There's our mystery.
Where's the equivalent gravity
Holds us down against

The ignorant, innocent
Ground sometimes called time
Or the like, as if it liked
To hold all knowing captive

When the knowing knows
There is no such known thing
As knowing, nor as solid ground,
Nor as pure time in this world?

How did I get here
From there where I remember
Here was nonexistent?
I'll never.

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