Sunday, May 6, 2012

Deep White Matter

The news was full of the full moon,
The super moon, meaning only
The largest, brightest moon this year--
Goofy, spooky nomenclature.

The day dawned unusually cold
In the streets of Salt Lake City,
Relative to a mild spring here
Passed partly among relatives.

The grandfather rowed in the lake
Among the whitecaps, no sailboats
To interfere with his workout,
The raw weather a boon to oars.

The mother dragged herself downstairs
To where the invalid father dozed
And handed him their chirping child
Ravenous for yogurt and juice.

The grandmother rose late, worried
About the weather for a trip
Planned for grandchildren at the zoo,
But delighted at a day out.

The aunt and uncle and cousin
Arrived on time, ready to go,
Despite the chill, wanting to see
The blind sea lion at the zoo.

Small details, good compost for dreams,
The body's retort to the mind,
Reminding memory the moon
Will drag deep tides from sleep tonight.

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