Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Pretend I Hate the Rules

When in fact I love them

As a lab rat loves his pellets,

As a cracker-jack addict

Loves his crack-

Er-jack. Rules

Are to the prefrontal

Cerebrum what heart-

Beats are to the brain-

Stem, sex to the cerebellum,

What such dumb poetic

Conceits and analogies

Are to the poetastic,

Humanistic, neuro-

Anatomically, log-

Istically ill-informed.

I love rules because

They keep me

Occupied with watching

Out for them while

I study them, the way

The mad field primat-

Ologist watches out

For violent dominance

Displays by male

Chimpanzees behind her

Back while she counts cops

Continuing in front of her.

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