Saturday, March 11, 2023

Throw Pillow

Which one was the first?
Shall we look it up,
Let code mind find it?

No. This one’s dusty,
With a leaf pattern

In green relief. There.
Tuck it under you,
Make yourself at home.

A folded blanket,
A folded cloak,
Some kind of cloth wad

Must be ancestral
To throw pillows.
Who invented them

As decoration?
Chinese? Scythians?
Egyptians? Romans?

Something for the eye
That was for the spine,
Repurposed pillows

Scattered on a couch
Just so. So many
Items lie around

Cultures like asides,
Almost inside jokes

Might puzzle over,
Although we suspect
No future research

Will be conducted
On most. Surely not
On dusty pillows.

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