Tuesday, March 21, 2023


It’s filled with air and only
A few drops of the sparkling
Water that you bought it for.

It is now a container
With a misleading label,
But you could repurpose it.

Make it a planter. Fill it
With tap water to water
Other plants in their planters.

So much manufacturing
Went into producing it,
So much engineering and

Marketing preceded it.
Now it’s just air-filled plastic.
Maybe you’ll recycle it

And hope it gets recycled,
Which probably it will not.
It could bob in the ocean.

It could lie in a midden.
It could be an artifact
Of your civilization

Or food for a form of life
That doesn’t, as yet, exist.
It could rise with the mountains

Long after your bones are lost
And your species forgotten.
You’ll never know the ending.

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