Friday, September 16, 2022

God Fell Down

It was not a mistake. God
Could not make mistakes. God was
Incapable of mistake,

Although God intimated,
Often, it was possible,
Had God chosen to do so.

God did not choose this. God chose
A wise strategy, and this
Came along with the package.

The Godly strategy loosed,
Deliberately, of course,
Free will, and free will required

A stochastic element
In the universe, design
Which was not quite explicit.

Random is what random does.
Thus, by sheer coincidence,
God was briefly unbalanced,

El fell down like a corpse, and
The next thing you know, God was
Walking around God’s green Earth,

Body like anybody’s,
From birth to death, injuries
And suffering in between.

God wanted no part of this.
As soon as that God’s body
Was done, God got up and left.

This is why everything’s weird—
Dark matter, dark energy,
So many paradoxes.

Free will and true randomness
Were in at the beginning
But rescinded for being

Annoyingly disruptive,
If not deliberately
Mischievous. Your past is part

Genuinely free but past,
Part strategically rigid.
God fell down and wrote more script.

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