Saturday, November 6, 2021

Good Dialogue Is Two Monologues Clashing

She rolled over in bed and said to the wall
And the imaginary spider on it,

Where she had seen a real spider yesterday,
The reason we react with so much distress

When presented with compelling evidence
Contrary to our foundational beliefs,

As if we’d seen, forgive me, a big spider,
Might not be because we’re egos and obtuse

But because we sense that a shift in our views
Would be like a planetoid striking the Earth,

Knocking us out of our periodic calm,
Our secure circles, and into the unknown.

Bear in mind, it’s socially catastrophic,
Usually, to change your mind. It’s sheer terror

Of finding ourselves in our lonely bodies,
Set adrift in the outer darkness of some

Erratic orbit which will destroy all our
Humble but long-cultivated ways of life.

The human animal isn’t so stupid
It doesn’t realize what truth does to it,

But you don’t worry about that much, do you?
Lots of legs and lots of eyes, a little brain,

But no society, no external mind
Minding you. She rolled back over, reached across

The human animal snoring next to her,
And flicked a switch. Spiders bred under her bed.

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