Monday, July 5, 2021

The Place Where Three Roads Meet

The most important, fascinating truths
Are the most obvious and banal.

They’re banal because they’re so obvious,
So nearly perfectly self-evident

That the sharpest scrutiny slides off them.
Any old person can spot them. They hold.

They’re dull and trivial and they hold.
There’s few enough of them. It’s a clue

That they’re so little use. One of the best
Lies holds truths should be potent, useful.

A species of liars and coordinators, we are
Connoisseurs of the sharp, useful tool.

Most of the really fun truths are rare
And unusually counterintuitive, found hiding

Under rocks. We like those. Peekaboo!
The big dull truths, like death, we don’t.

They’re the smooth-domed, dormant
Volcanos we’ve lived with all our lives.

They’re the stones in the local weather,
The dull reasons we get or don’t get rain.

There they are. Death, change, likeness.
What’s to talk about? Whatever we don’t.

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