Sunday, July 18, 2021

A More Aspirational Commentariat for the Precariat

When progress takes hold, in whatever form, 
It will be belated and advance nothing,
Wrote Ishion Hutchinson, not long ago,
Not much progress stored since in the hold.

Ultimo, things may or may have not, did or
Did not go so well. Myself am hell in debt
To hell, and hell is full of debt collectors
Hell-bent on driving their source of wealth extinct.

Whenever there is too much wealth, there is
Struggle to corral it all, thus disaster.
Whenever there is too little, there is
Struggle to corral what’s left, thus disaster,

But only for individuals, only
For the greater mass of individual
Working lives, frightened for calm’s survival.
En masse, some lesser mass always does quite well,

Or always has so far, the descendants
Of the replacement populations settled
On the bones and ashes of the scattered,
Which remains progress, advancing on nothing.

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