Friday, June 18, 2021

The Nest Is Always Twitching

The creatures called dragons are all
Myths, of course, but they have a core

Resemblance to them, which suggests
Some fact at least, if not a truth.

Have a listen to Stromboli,
To the Sciara del Fuoco,

The Path of Fire as it rumbles,
Sounding part boat-engine, part pulse,

Part large, approaching thunderstorm.
At night, the eyes glow. Dark spits fire.

It belches death. It sends whole cliffs,
Now and then, to the ocean depths,

Kicking up full-bore tsunamis.
Then it rests, but with eyes open.

The dragon lives underground, yes.
The dragon flies in the night, yes.

The dragon destroys whole towns, yes.
The dragon kills with its breath, yes.

The globe’s an egg, and we are mites
Grazing microlives it serves us,

But we sense that the greater life
Lies coiled inside and will surface.

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