Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Transfer Learning on Trash Day

In an endless quest for coherence,
The enculturated brain requests

Inaccurate answers for irrelevant
Local conundrums, such as, why

Is it always windy here on Wednesdays?
It’s not. It’s not always windy Wednesdays,

And it’s often windy other days, and this
Locality is just a notoriously windy place.

And yet. The inability to know, the knowing
Of that inability is maddening. Pattern,

Screams the brain, give us a pattern
Both predictive and coherent. We want

To know what, exactly, when, and if
We can’t, we’ll rage at the smallest things

And hang out shingles for the silliest links,
If this, then this impossible bliss. No? No.

Still, it’s always good when a dull day
Doesn’t punish us, however windy the day.

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