Monday, May 3, 2021

As Campers in Sweat Pants Converge to Get Coffees

To solemnly note the absence
Of evidence is not evidence
Of absence has become a cliche

Beloved by those whose hypotheses
Lack evidence as yet. Nonetheless,
An absence of evidence remains

No evidence of presence, either,
And not every absence lies waiting
To be filled. Some absences outlast

Any hypothesis, any faith
That someone’s God or science will jump
Into the gaps. Persistent absence

Of evidence may be evidence
Of absence, in fact. Absence never
Could be proof except of history,

As in, these are things you haven’t found,
For this there is no evidence yet.
What you stuff into that, you borrow,

At least until something gets spit back,
And what arises, likely, won’t be
What most fond memories imagined.

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