Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Instead of the Species

It's emotionally engaging and feels distinct . . .
Instead of an illustration of the species or the planet as a whole.
The winners inherit the Earth
So most of their inheritors
Can prove themselves, as we have proved

Ourselves, all we inheritors
Of earlier rounds of winners,
To be the next batch of losers.

If you’re a winner reading this,
Congratulations. You’re both weird
And a poor representative

Of your generation composed,
As generations have always
Been composed, of mostly losers.

But we’re not being engaging,
Are we, these lines, this point of view,
This chosen camera angle?

You don’t want an illustration
Of your species or the planet
As a whole. You want us to see

Your distress, whatever it is,
Your own individual soul.
What fun is it to contemplate

All the generations behind,
All the suffering that made you
Ready to document your own?

Winners. Losers. Words just like us.
Concepts drawn from competitions
Among cooperating lives,

Drawn from hunger, hunger being
Drawn somehow from rocks. Yes, alright,
We’ll dwell upon your soulful plight.

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