Monday, January 18, 2021


Flickering ruby red gas
Of yesterday’s yesterdays,

It asks us how well we score
On a Belief in Noneness

Scale. One. Beyond all surface
Appearances, everything

Is fundamentally none.
Two. Although a great many

Seemingly separate things
Seem to exist, they are all

Dissolving into nothing.
Three. At reality’s most

Basic level, everything
Is none. Four. Separation

Among individual
Things is also illusion,

And, thus, everything is none.
Five. Everything is composed

Of the same basic absence,
Whether it’s thought of as void,

Gravity, death, whatever.
Six. The same basic absence

Permeates everything. Fin.
How high you score on this scale

Predicts your identity,
Belief in noneness being

Linked to feeling more distant
To connections and aspects

Of the distal human world,
Yet, paradoxically, close

To those with whom one is close!
The faintest, reddest, youngest,

Furthest galaxy gives us
A slight, smudged smile. There you go.

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