Monday, November 2, 2020

When Whales Do Not Exist as Such

Look, if we’re all just hanging
Out in infinite Hilbert Space

Forever, it’s the finite
That’s got some explaining to do—

We argue on and on how big,
How many, how complicated

The whole cosmos, all of it,
Spacetime, galactic clusters,

Entire universes, megaverses,
Multiverses might be, really,

And our one consistency, our one
Most commonly held assumption,

Is that, however large it all is,
We’re small and of finite perspective,

Which seems so self-evident
I feel I have to doubt it. Finity,

How does that arise, exactly
From a context of infinities?

And if you’re not, actually,
Finite in any dimension,

Doing your infinite Hilbert Space
Being in all the many ways you do,

Where’d you get those lovely, cinched
Whalebone corsets of perspective?

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