Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Extraterrestrial Organic Compounds

Trouble me. The atheist,
Too, senses the numinous

Glowing in ordinary
Experiences. It’s just

That, for such an atheist,
There is nothing numinous

Beyond the ordinary.
What constitutes deeper hope

May be the thought that the harsh
Aspects of life on this rock,

The hungry traumas in which
Numinous, ordinary

Entities live steeped, are not
Necessarily the rule

Everywhere, out there. Night skies
Provide a richer dreaming

Than for any beastly gods,
The gleam of something so strange

As to be ordinary,
Numinous, and not in pain.

But if organic compounds
Scraped from dropped meteorites

Are of the same kind that sourced
The start of our hungry lives,

Then the something’s that’s out there
That is like us, that made us,

Is not god, nor numinous,
Just hungry, hungry as us.

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