Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Cat Happy

Although some of these foliations
Are known for being badly behaved,
Affection for certain familiar
Circumstances shapes a type of love.

Pandektes—aware of awareness,
An awareness all-receiving, is
Everything, complete unto itself,
And nothing much, a filtering wisp.

To be comprehensive, it must
Deal with the incomprehensible,
But not always and not just by law.
Peace is incomprehensible, too.

We make stories; events upend them.
We make more stories of those events.
Fresh events we could not have foreseen
Set to work at once upending them.

If we contemplate time unmeasured,
Nothing ever arrives in the end.
We nap, twitch, or look for distractions,
Like something to read, to write, like this.

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