Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Person a Moment

“given that over 153,000 people die every day on this planet”

Life is Captain Murderer,
Cannibal of all nightmares,
The one who makes us afraid
Of losing what was loaned us.

Give us a cwtch on the couch,
Life coos to us, murderous.
We dread dread, but can’t resist,
So here we are, cuddled up.

Look, life’s husky breath chuckles 
In our ears, nuzzling our cheeks,
You’re addicted. Leaving me
Is your deepest fear. Stay here.

And we do, only dwindling,
Breath by breath and kiss by kiss,
Until we’re the ones we miss.
Life never left. Life persists.

What if we were not afraid?
Not afraid of running out
Of life, on life? Awareness
Is not life, leaves life often,

Comes and goes like clouds at night.
We come and go, clouds at night.
No. We don’t have to stay here.
Feel afraid but never fear.

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