Tuesday, December 3, 2019


No one loves the dark enough.
We should begin by shunning

In all parts of the spectrum,
At any kind of wavelength,
Including ones we can’t sense.

For this, dark skies are useless,
Spangled with radiant light.
For this, we want caves, not night.

Then let go of wanting those.
The holiness of being
Is only the awareness,

Transient to everything
Except itself, visitor
From nowhere that has to go.

When there’s only awareness
Of the awareness and nothing
Else an awareness could crave,

Awareness is already
There and when not, when there
Includes any fantasy,

Any longing strategy,
Then everything’s wholly dark
Because of the noisome light.

It’s not about the brilliance,
The glow, the scintillating
Significance of the light.

It’s to do with gravity,
The release from the great grip.
That’s the darkness that is light.

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