Saturday, August 31, 2019

Each Architectonic Aphorism

1. McGurk Effect
Has the akratic taken the tastiness of the cookie into consideration or not?”
Could a philosophical,
Ideational effect,
Analogous to McGurk,

Exist, such that, when reading
Of one idea, another,
Dissonant, idea usurps

The head space staked by the first,
Using a more dominant
Modality to be heard?

A thought articulated
Through solemn modalities 
Might thus be read as nonsense

In the ineluctable 
Modality of absurd.

2. Carefree

Do with this text as you please.
I won’t invite perusal
And then demand the last word.
I won’t fake love of silence.

Let your hermeneutics be
Willful as a pregnant mule,
Inscrutable as living
Tombs, and equally carefree.

Claim these phrases mean
Whatever you yearn to mean,
But claim them as if
They held real authority.

This virus I’ve sneezed needs you
As vector. Breathe easily.

3. Their Language Is Silent, Their Gestures Motionless

I only resent the past
When I don’t like the recent
Or am particularly 
Dreading the ever-looming.

If I can find a sequence
That suggests some decision,
Mine or anyone’s
Had something to do with this,

I’m pissed. But most decisions
Fizzle, insignificant,
Sequence without consequence.

Zoroaster had a cow.
We have screwed up everything!
How is Zoroaster now?

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