Friday, May 17, 2019

The Oatmeal Delusion

Once, two lovers, new to each other, drove
Along a river and wondered, does it matter

Whether we care about what we should name?
It was spring, and the woods and the river
That ran under the woods were equally green.

A voice on the radio was advising them against
Taking faith too seriously. They wondered,

Could any name be taken too seriously or not
Seriously enough? Substitute a common noun
For a proper or for another common but lofty,
Abstract noun. Substitute toast for love or humanity.
Substitute oatmeal for God. The staunchest atheist
Would feel silly warning us against our oatmeal delusion.
Even an existential philosopher would squirm
At the assertion that Hell was other pieces of toast.

But were we not tactile, gustatory creatures?
Were not humble, healthful, solids important to us?

Oh well. Love when new is wonderfully full
Of itself. The lovers partnered, procreated,
Promised their lives to each other, and fell

Apart. Oatmeal remains a delusion, and Hell is toast.

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