Friday, May 31, 2019

Noisy Night Thoughts

Lavishing talent
And passion on that which is
Already hope beyond hope,

Tangled readings entangle
Readers in untangled poems.
We were clear before you saw

Us here, clears as bells before
You heard our chimes disappear.
Now we make a broken heap

Of fragmentary pieces
Snapped from Antikythera,
From smashed armillary spheres.

The fashion is to deride
“Self talk” and rumination,
As if we should clear our minds

Of invasive immigrants,
As if cleansing wouldn’t lead
To happenstance genocide

Of all the native dark thoughts
Evolving from the inside.
Stop calling us arrogant

For our resistance to plans
To silence us where we hide.
Wisdom lies where fools survive.

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