Saturday, November 3, 2018

The New Art

Discourse of illustration is cut off.
Recitals of examples are cut off.
Discourse of connection and order is cut off.
Descriptions of practice are cut off.

Hope for the future is cut off.
Dread of the very near disaster is cut off.
Apologies for the past are cut off.
Lies masquerading as apologies are cut off.

Narrative arcs like great rainbows are cut off.
Narrative labyrinths like warrens are cut off.
Theodicy’s juggling drolleries are cut off.
Epic catalogues are started, just to be cut off.

The armies of confederation are cut off.
The discussion of this genre is cut off.
The habit of inexact repetition is cut off.
The quest for a point of origin is cut off.

Brevity is cut off.
Concision is cut off.
Preference is cut off.
And this emerges.

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