Monday, August 22, 2016

The Milk Daughter

"Your daughter could turn into milk." ~ Sukha

Milk, in fact, turned into her. Mother's milk
That first year and a little, gradually

Supplemented by solids, then cows' milk
Added to various meals and dishes,

To say nothing of multiple cheeses
And yogurts from a range of traditions

And the udders of numerous distal
And local mammals, breeds of sheep and goats.

Canadian by birth, genetically
Sprinkled with trace admixtures of humans

Who crossed the Bering Strait, maybe survived
The Middle Passage, plus Neanderthals,

Probably some we've yet to recognize,
She's nonetheless wholly European,

No lactose intolerant relatives
Known to live anywhere in the wide world.

If she could get away with it, she would
Drink a large glass of milk with cereal

Drowning in milk for breakfast every day.
All right. Maybe she could turn into it.

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