Tuesday, July 28, 2015

One Lokayata, Nastika

Expect a surprise when no one expects one,
Wrote one. (For instance, finding atheists among
Brahmins and Buddhists before the first
Commonly called "common" century.)

     There's the window full of twilit evening
And thick with birch leaves.
While we still have coals, I'm going
To put one more split on the stove.
There's Annie Proulx, Bird Cloud, open-faced

On the 358 Exchange newsletter
On the sill. There's the butter tub, 
The nature journal, the boxed board game, 
And the tracing paper, full of scribbles,
On the borrowed coffee table. There's
The smoldering coal in the grate.

"Can I get a tissue?" The phrase
"At least?" is implicit in the tone 
Of the phrase. So, there are some gods 
No gods erase. Our demons are the phones 
That ring when we're not answering, not
The phones that glow when we want, we want...

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