Thursday, July 16, 2015

Infinite Differentiations

Infinitely expansive,
Divisive, the universe,
Everything, had to contain
Extinction, disappearance.
Time and space were mere results.
Why? There's no why. Only was.

Awareness woke from a nap
On an exhausted Sunday
Morning in the woods in May,
Faintly remembering dreams
Of the equilibria
Of Marcus Aurelius
And John Nash, killed in a crash

With his long suffering wife
The night last in a taxi
In infinite New Jersey.
Balance reconciling ends,
Having dived into nothing
And discovered nothing much,
Everything fractured all ways,

The fissures in sensation
Extended further, below
Even life, into it all.
Search however, whatever
Means move you, thought thought, only
Change extended forever,
Per Heraclitus, but worse,

Per Derrida, but better,
Ecstasies of distinctions
More crucial than their physics.
Nash's many worlds perished
Of their multiplicity.
However closely played, one
Must be many once had beens.

The wind stirred. The dreams ended
And began again. Instants
Were instantly different.
Revisited, memory
Had already changed. Must have,
A fraying rope perceiving
Silkworms unraveling string

In the long threads of morning,
Green ravening in the sky:
Demons of the possible
Strategies of differing
From differing, differing
From each other, flourishing
Sailors flew perishing winds.

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