Thursday, June 4, 2015

Captivus Temporis Acti

All must be dared, to fuck with endured.
I have endured too damn much and dared

Too little. You laugh. You know me. You think
What else could the poor bastard have dared

Beyond his life, occasionally, his limbs
With every broken breath of the gravitas

Newton and Einstein blessed for all mass,
Bending time or falling in a straight line,

The lemming refusing the giant
Embrace of a blue-green and white, rapacious planet?

Ah, Mendelsohn, cartoon of loving, of music,
Of life, the thrumming in your ears is answer.

Your planet is a speck in the sorrow, the bleak fun
Of your burning, self-consumed sun, your star that is

A speck in the arms of your own, mother night, herself
A speck in the dawn of the impossible daughter, yourself,

The new, renewed world anew, you, you that promises
Delight. Good night sleep, sleep sweetly, sleep tight.

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