Tuesday, June 23, 2015


You will have to wait until
Tomorrow has left today.
Moonflowers, white, and orange

Angels' trumpets nod poison
On the vine. Oleander
Lies dead at the wall. Easter,

Pagan holiday, hid eggs.
Demographers debated
Who would win the century.

Christians? Muslims? Lord only
Knows why we think these are things.
Buddhists? You who among these

Are without hubris, without
Atheists of your schisms,
Cast the first stone. The birdwolf

Rises among your debates
'Twixt philosophers and death,
Old slang, old gossip, and new,

Knowing he has arisen
To devour your disbelief
Based on old dispensations.

That was now. This is almost
Then. Zen, Sufi, Hutterite,
Pratchettarian, begin.

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