Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gravity's Fretsaw

Saint George-to-Denver,
And the toponyms
Must stretch to cover
Expansive desert's
Cracked topography.

From a jet, they pin
Down chamfered puzzle
Pieces--Snow Canyon,
The KT, Zion,
Bryce, Hell's Backbone, Burr

Trail, Capitol Reef,
Canyonlands, Arches--
A run of jagged,
Crumbling red ridges,
Buff bluffs, dark lavas,

Sinuous streams cut
By spiderweb roads,
Which, from orbit, could
Hardly complicate
A blue planet's sheen.

Springdale is in there,
And Castle Valley,
More common names of
Uncommon places,
If there are any

Uncommon places
In America.
I've looked at Utah
Long enough to know
That puzzles know more.

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