Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Grey Wolf Glares at the Dwellings of the Gods

"I will write one bad line too many, it will reverse itself and, seizing the pen from my affrighted fingers, proceed to erase all of me."

Thought and memory circle noisily,
Lovely ravens of black abstraction,
Always getting into mischief,

Hopping and thieving, perching
On my shoulders, sociable lovers
Of carrion. My shoulders! As if

Anything meat and bone belonged
To a pronoun like me. Worlds sing
A round, chatter amiably, pull

On the oars of desire, swing out
Over the bowed shield of the lake
Thought and memory make. Reflect

On the silver skin. Ravens, osprey,
A mother ruddy duck, ducklings
In her diving wake, everything below,

Keel of a longboat shaped, shadow
Of interference in the light, waves
On waves, on and on, change goes.

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