Friday, July 4, 2014

The Absolute Is Becoming

Experience and the inferences
Drawn from experience contradict
Each other. No element

Of experience is other than
Experiencing, but merely waking
Suggests a gap in experience

That experience cannot contain.
The urge to make myriad decisions
Contradicts the evidence that none

Of those decisions are made by
Deciding them or by feeling the need
To decide, nor by deliberation

As experienced, and few decisions
Matter more to experience
Than do all the events surrounding

Them, over which experience suggests
And also feels, in accord on this point
At least, no deciding power exists.

By late afternoon, one surprise
Is therefore the misleading consequence
(Misleading in the way that all things

Mislead, being inconsequential)
That defiance of the morning
And all the decisions made therein

Produced better-seeming events
Than the imagination now projects
Would have been the case

Had the decisions been held to
Firmly, better than the imagination
Then projected would be the case

Had the decisions been ignored,
As they were, now and then
As such being ineluctable delusions,

Arbitrary and yet truly ineluctable,
Like the craving for decisions.
Snow on the mountains melts

Regardless, before sight, or (go ahead,
Say it, it feels so good to say it,
So bold and queasy) irregardless.

Paths that promise immortality
Converge on the following phrases,
Sometimes mistakenly believed

To be opposite, even twinned
With the absolute as with infinity:
Zero is ineffable; nothing

Is colloquial, as well as an indefinite
Pronoun; the number that is not
Number is capable of infinite damage.

Neither now will ever be
Finished, experienced. Neither nor
Will experience ever be. Finished

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