Saturday, July 5, 2014

Aldebaran and the Moon at Sunset

Stargazing note for today:
April fourth is on my mind,
The light from that date reaching
My eyes in ninety-one days.
We've six years together
Of various April fourths,
Beginning when I joined you

For Big Rock Candy Mountain,
Utah, a real unreal place,
Driving gingerly, one foot
Weak, the other leg broken,
The perfect time for romance.
("Hezekiah reminded
God, a canny bid to save

His bacon, it was only
The living, the living who
Could sing His praises.") Two years
Later, same date, we found out
That we two would swell the ranks
Of the living. Three years more,
We carted our daughter here,

The very mouth of Zion,
Determined now we would stay.
A year on, under Watchman
We praised choice: So far, so good.
Who knows what's next as life flies.
God is fond of expanding
Universes and beetles,

Otherwise inscrutable.
Aldebaran and the moon
Glowed on the toothed horizon
At sunset over Zion.
I forgot five years ago,
Neither married nor parents,
In the wee hours of Cape Town,

The lovely, desirable
Dead end of early humans
Fond of the bounteous sea,
Quarreled over ever since,
We touched down, met our driver,
Meandered through orange lights,
And came to rest a moment

In our peregrination
Around the navigable
World, the blue dot in darkness,
The darkness outside our lives.
There was a house on a hill,
Manse converted to cater
To tourists from everywhere.

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