Wednesday, June 18, 2014

From the Verse Essays of Ivar Benløs: The Secret Curse

How much of a paradox
Is human hypocrisy?
Because we tell monstrous tales
About each other seems not
To affect our affections.
That we who suffer inflict
Suffering indifferently,

Even gleefully, seems not
To affect our suffering
Or our self-pity, seems not
To stop at hypocrisy
But to push through to a truth
About the world difficult
To resolve, to unify

In any myth or theory,
However accurately
The theory pulls together
Disparate facts, however
Well the myth depicts the pain.
It seems we just re-describe
Mysterious injustice

Again and again, with math
Metaphors or monster tales,
And even those lucky few
Of us at the lip of true
Description stay hypocrites
Or, if you like, paradox
Personified, damn their eyes.

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