Thursday, June 5, 2014

From the Verse Essays of Ivar Benløs: The Color of Things

"Here we are and there we are."

Beginnings are remote and
Small at the start of them all,
At the start of any one
Of them. That we don't question.
We have an organic need
For everything to start small
And then grow bigger, whether

We believe things only end
Once and for all, or get small
Only to begin again,
Death or rebirth. Why is this?
Don't ask for godlike wisdom
From any human. You're one
Of them, you should know. Who you

Like is like you among them.
What can we ask of ourselves?
One fond answer is kindness,
Another is tolerance,
Another, joy in what is.
Joy in the color of things
Would be good, and kind, I think.

That's color in all senses,
The palette and the palate,
The textures that delight life.
And as for life's origins,
Perhaps we'd better leave them
Where they will always remind
Us we are and as we are.

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