Friday, May 30, 2014

Plum Lucky

How reprehensible the fellow enamored
Of the flowers growing weedily by the roadside.
Sure do appreciate you, sing the nodding heads.

Does anyone dark of heart as any starred, dark
Night bedewed with dark matter and invisible,
Habitable planets know of a way to rise

Above those nodding charms? Why are they so polite?
Humbly they attract the hungry bee, secretly
Designing ways to withhold protein-rich pollen.

They didn't count on me, wastrel down on his knees,
Down on his pluck, ready to scrutinize petals
And behead the best among them. That's why I'm pleased

But dubious, bedazzled, unlike worker bees,
Those genetically enchained pollen predators
Who harbor no illusions of sweet fruits from flowers.

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