Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Get Out of the Car

Said Edward Abbey and says my wife.
No one commands you back
Into the car seat who wants you to savor life,

But I savor life here anyway.
Parked in the dune, wind humming
The panes, here's my gone away.

The dune blew down from those sandstone cliffs.
That fly-strewn carcass of a deer
Tumbled down, too, to lie against a drift.

Edward Abbey, iconic iconoclast,
Wrote his funniest fiction not too far from here,
But he and that's all back in the past.

There's nothing to this living art
Thing seen from the front seat of a truck,
Nothing to sitting once you start,

And no one eager to hand you a prize
For being glued here and motionless
In a hunk of metal god meant you to drive,

But here's where I find my awakening
Thoughts running closest to my dreams,
Dislocated, broken, muffled, weird, still, me.

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